Daring to be different at BMW Motorrad Days

Besides the wide BMW and Husqvarna model range being presented at the 2011 BMW Motorrad
Days in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, visitors will also be able to have a look at some handmade
High-Performance Sport Bikes like the MonoTracer and the E-Tracer by Swiss company Peraves.
Equipped with the legendary 4-cylinder-engine of a BMW K 1200 LT the MonoTracer
reaches 240km/h top speed and delivers the 0-100km/h sprint within 4,8 seconds. Later that
 year the fully electric operated E-Tracer will be available which made it already into the Guinness
ook of Records as the fastest and most efficient electric vehicle. For more information please visit
 the Peraves website:

gile la lau dpat moto nih...memg bez ah...nk tahu lbih lnjut sila ke lman web nih....

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